The Music Department at Aranmore Catholic College is a vibrant haven of musical cohesion and creative exploration that promotes both academic advancement and cultural diversity within the College and greater community.

Co-Curricular Program

Students have an enormous range of ensembles to choose from at the College, catering for beginners and students who have built up considerable ensemble experience. Currently on offer at the College are Rock Band under the direction of James Sewell, Jazz Band under the direction of Luke Savage, Concert Band under the direction of Liz Hille, the College Choir under the direction of Coralie Kan and a range of smaller ensembles including a brass ensemble and flute ensemble. Large ensembles at the College rehearse one a week before or after school and smaller ensembles generally rehearse during lunchtimes. Involvement in the co-curricular life of the school is important educationally to the musical progression of the students as they have a chance to put their practice into action and advance their ensemble skills. It also provides an extremely rewarding experience for the students from a social, emotional and enjoyment perspective.

Instrumental Tuition

Hundreds of students at the College engage in the opportunity to learn a musical instrument within the academic school day due to the practicality of learning an instrument on campus and also as a means of being part of the thriving music community at Aranmore. Music lessons run on a rotational timetable so that students’ academic studies are minimally impacted. Lessons in Years 7-10 are 30 minutes in duration, whilst in Year 11 and 12 students have the option of having 30 to 60 minute lessons. At Aranmore, students can choose from an enormous range of instruments including voice, guitar, bass guitar, cello, drum kit, piano, violin, flute, French horn, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, tuba and trombone. We are incredibly fortunate to have such talented and passionate musicians come to the College and teach all of these instruments, providing greater breadth to their learning and overall development. If you wish to enquire about instrumental lessons, please contact either Ms Liz Hille ( or Mr Ciaran Mullins (, the Music Coordinators.

Music Scholarships

Aranmore Catholic College offers a select number of music scholarships to students ranging from Year 7 to 8 through means of audition in late November for the following academic year. Please see the Scholarships & Bursaries page for the Music Scholarship Application Form. Students successfully granted a scholarship are given financial compensation for instrumental lessons over the course of the academic year. It is expected that scholarship students demonstrate musical potential and skill on their chosen instrument, maintain a high level of commitment to the classroom and co-curricular program at the school and also maintain at least a C grade average. Scholarships may be withdrawn if these commitments are not upheld and they are reassessed annually. Please direct any questions relating to Music Scholarships at Aranmore, to either Ms Liz Hille ( or Mr Ciaran Mullins (, the Music Coordinators.

Classroom Music Program

The music curriculum at Aranmore runs across all year levels. Students undertake a term of classroom music in Year 7 and 8 which provides a stimulating and creative backdrop of fundamental music skills that students can independently build on or choose to develop through the continued selection of music as an option. Students engage practically with the subject through the practice and performance on instruments including the keyboard, ukulele, percussion and voice. They are also exposed to the basics of music theory, literature and aural skills within a variety of contexts. Students also have the option to select music in the form of a Band Class in Year 7 and 8 which runs for an entire academic year and emphasises music making as a means of developing knowledge of music theory and the ability to play a particular instrument. Music as an option in Year 9 and 10 significantly builds upon these practical and theoretical fundamentals, encouraging a greater depth of analysis, composition, and incorporation of technology. There is a focus on making the study of music relevant and accessible to students whilst remaining stimulating and academically rigorous. Students also have the option to choose Guitar Class in Year 9 and 10 which is a semester long unit teaching students how to play the basics of guitar. The College provides the guitars for this option. Students in Year 11 and 12 are able to choose music as an ATAR course. Details outlining this course are available on the Curriculum Council website.

Musical Performances & Tours

Students have the opportunity to engage in many performances throughout the course of the academic year both as a soloist and member of an ensemble. Internally, Aranmore showcases students’ musical talent at a variety of school masses, assemblies and lunchtime concerts. They also more formally give students an opportunity to perform at events such as Recital Evenings and Ensemble Concerts that are open to students’ families and the general public. The Catholic Performing Arts Festival is an enormous event on the music calendar every year and provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals having instrumental lessons and involved in a range of music ensembles to perform, compete and listen to other Catholic Schools music programs. Students are given a report and certificate in accordance with their performance which provides valuable reinforcement. Aranmore also engages strongly with the community through public involvement and artistic performance. Over the years, the music department has been involved in community performances such as Christmas Carols at IGA, performing to the primary school students and other venues throughout Leederville over the years.

Aranmore is very lucky to have a supportive, energetic and enthusiastic Friends of Music parent body at the College who generously help out with the organisation and facilitation of music performances and fundraising events throughout the year. Please contact the Music Coordinators if you wish to join this group or are seeking more information.