College Executive

Mr Declan Tanham
Mr Danny Battistessa
Deputy Principal - Curriculum

Mrs Susan Russell

Deputy Principal – Students, Teaching and Learning
Mrs Lauren Ierace-Bowers
Director of Campus Ministry
Mrs Julie Hawes
Business Manager

Mr Ben Grose

Dean of Students Year 8 & 11

Mr Troy Holdaway

Dean of Students Year 7 & 10

Mr Craig Rodgers

Dean of Students Year 9 & 12

Of utmost concern to all staff is that each student reaches his or her full potential. Integral to achieving this is open, two-way communication between parents and staff. Parents are encouraged to make contact with their child’s teachers through a variety of forums: email, telephone, Student Diary, Fortnightly Newsletter, Parent Teacher Interviews, Parent-Teacher Information Nights and SEQTA Engage.

  • Director of College Operations

    Director of College Operations

    Mr Chris Simpson
  • Head of Learning Areas
  • Coordinators
  • College Advisory Council
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