The Science & Technology department at Aranmore Catholic College provides each student with a sound background in Science and Technology skills and knowledge. As a result, our students enter adult life with the ability to make informed decisions in an increasingly science and technology-dependent world. 

The department thoroughly covers the Science curriculum as prescribed by the School Curriculum & Standards Authority. Our Science staff are passionate about Science and pass on this passion and enjoyment to our students. With the simple mantra, 'Science is Fun', importance is placed on making lessons interactive and enjoyable so that Science is seen as a positive part of modern life which could  even be a rewarding career choice. 

In addition to hands-on classroom learning, outside experts and presenters are incorporated into the curriculum to allow students to make connections with the science they are taught and the world outside of school. 

Science in Years 7 to 10, which includes the popular Forensics, provides a solid framework for studying Science or Technology in the Senior years. In Years 11 and 12, students are able to choose from a variety of ATAR and Non-ATAR subjects.

Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology are all offered at ATAR level. Human Biology and Applied Information Technology are offered at the general level. Finding qualified and experienced teachers to teach subjects such as Physics and Chemistry can be difficult but at Aranmore, we're fortunate to have several staff with extensive experience and qualifications in these specialist areas.
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