NWAS Fixtures

2021_NWAS_Fixtures.pdf (V7)

Buses for away games will leave from outside the CASS at 3:30pm. Please be prompt.

Games at all venues (home or away) will commence at 4:00pm to finish by 5:00pm. Parents/Guardians are welcome to pick your child up from the venue BUT please be sure to speak with a staff member before leaving. For those who will be returning via the school bus, we anticipate being back by 5:30pm, but this time may vary slightly due to traffic and weather conditions. 

Reminder that masks are mandatory during COVID-19 restrictions.



Information regarding all Associated and Catholic Colleges (ACC) events which include NWAS and Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics carnivals, can be found at the website: https://www.accsport.asn.au/ or you can download the ACC ‘App’ from the website.

All other sporting event news will be communicated a little closer to the event dates.

Mr Adam Miotti
Sports Coordinator

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