Newsletter 2 December 2022


Departing Staff

As this is the final newsletter for the year, we wish to acknowledge the contribution of the Staff, who are moving on to other opportunities. These include, Sean Ebert, Keziah Emmanuel, Sr Emma Llewellyn, Charlize Underwood, Hershelle Classen, Shannon Smith, Sara Jennings, Deb Prinsloo, Temika Tompkin, Christine Templin and Kirsten Martino. We wish Kirsten well as she is expecting her first child.

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Personal Grooming

It is quite often the case that students like to experiment with their appearance over the summer break, e.g hair cuts, hair colour, jewellery etc. All of this is okay, as long as we return to normal in February.

School Fees

The College Advisory Council has considered the matter of school fees. Our school fees have not been raised in the last five years. We have decided to reduce our school fees by 5 per cent, in recognition of the tighter financial situations in which families find themselves. Please see here for the 2023 Fee Schedule.

Renewal of vows

Last Saturday, 26 November, at St Brigid's Chapel, Northbridge, Sr Emma renewed her religious vows of "chastity, poverty, obedience and apostolic service" as a Religious Sister of Mercy (hence, the religious initials of "RSM" after her name) for a further three years, in the presence of Sisters of Mercy and with Monsignor Kevin Long as the presider. We congratulate Sr Emma on her renewal.


I particularly wish to thank our Staff for all their hard work over the year and for the many opportunities that they have provided for our students. We are very grateful. I wish you and your families every blessing for the Christmas season and for the holiday period.

Mr Declan Tanham

Important Information - Please read


Our Year 11 students have recently concluded their Semester Two examinations and the Year 9 and Year 10 students are sitting theirs this week. Staff are busy marking these final assessments and entering the requisite data into our reporting system. The final scholastic reports will be released to parents via SEQTA by:
• Year 11 – Friday, 2 December
• IEC and Year 7 to Year 10 – Wednesday, 14 December

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2023 BOOKLISTS - Now Available

The Booklists for 2023 are now available via the College web site ( Ensure you read the “important notes” that are listed.

Please download the required Booklist before going to the online order link. The “school’s access code” is given near the top of each booklist.

Mr Danny Battistessa
Deputy Principal - Curriculum


As of next year, the canteen will no longer be accepting payments on mobile phones. Students may pay via cash or direct debit cards, or order on Quickcliq. Smart watches may also be used for payment as long as students don't access their phones. This is in keeping with our “no phones” policy.

Mrs Susan Russell
Dean of Students


Incoming New Students Years 7 – 12
Wednesday, 18 January 2023 from 8am to 1.30pm – by appointment only
Thursday, 19 January 2023 from 8am to 1.30pm – by appointment only
Friday, 20 January 2023 from 8am to 1.30pm – by appointment only

All Students
Monday 30 January from 8am to 1pm – no booking required
Tuesday 31 January from 8am to 1pm – no booking required
Wednesday 1 February from 8am to 1pm – no booking required
Thursday 2nd February, from 8am to 1pm – no booking required

Normal Term opening times from Friday 3 February (8am to 11.30am)

Online Uniform Shop

You can also place a uniform order via our online store. Please note a text message will be sent from the Front Office when the order is ready for collection.


To buy and sell secondhand uniforms, visit the P & F Facebook page here.

Secondhand Book & Uniform ANNUAL SALE - 7 December 2022 @ 3pm

This year the sale will be held on Wednesday, 7 December at 3pm in Convent Garden, within the school grounds. Please ensure you bring cash on the day as there are no EFTPOS facilities. The Uniform Shop will also be open 3-4pm on this day.

Year 8 Activity Days

Recently our 8s spent a day with Total Team Building in a Survivor-style challenge. Students were broken up into 'Tribes' and faced various physical and mental challenges. The tribes competed against each other to earn Immunity Idols.


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After all challenges were completed and idols earned, teams headed into a trivia based tribal council where they pulled together as one using their immunity idols carefully and strategically in order to survive.

The boys participated in challenges such as slingshot, scavenger hunt, plank walking and puzzles down at Britannia oval. And while the weather was sometimes challenging, they had an amazing day.

The girls had an even wetter day which kept them here at the College predominately working inside. Their challenges included rope entanglement and blindfolded tent assembly, which produced some interesting results.

I would like to thank all students who participated wholly in these two days. Thanks for your enthusiasm and willingness to work with students you don’t regularly work with.

Mrs Susan Russell
Dean of Students - Year 8

Student Success News

Congratulations and all the best to Topez-Jean Porter who was selected to play in the Barbarians U17 Youth Girls 7s Team at the Next Gen Championships in Sydney this weekend.

Science News

Year 9 Forensics Accelerants

Accelerants are often used by arsonists. Our budding forensic scientists learned the telltale signs of common accelerants.

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Year 8 Gold Industry Group

Year 8s were treated to a visit from the Gold Industry Group this week. In class, they have been learning about rock types, minerals and mining, so it was great to hear from industry professionals about the location, mining, uses and careers in gold.

Students conducted an activity that had them looking at different maps through the eyes of a Geologist and a Geophysicist to predict where gold may be located.

Year 9 Forensics Murder Mystery Box

Forensics students had to use all their forensics skills to break into a box to solve the crime. Thank you to Cindy and Lee from Murdoch Outreach for running this fun escape room-style activity with our students. Congratulations to Peter and Riley for solving the crime first.

Girls in Engineering at Curtin University

Last week, students who attended the Girls in Engineering Forum at Curtin learnt that Science could continue to be a fun pathway to a rewarding STEM career. 

Pascoe News

Pascoe House Notable Performances for 2022!

As you will see from this list, we have some marvellous Athletes in Pascoe. Well done! 

A special mention to Cyrine, who through nothing more than commitment and courage in the face of certain drowning, swam in every event that Year 11 girls could and because of this tenacious approach alone, she achieved 3rd place overall for Year 11 girls. Congratulations Cyrine! You are applauded for being an excellent role model.

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Cross Country – Year group champions

Year 7 Girls
Inneia Tangata - 2nd

Year 7 Boys
Patrick O’Loughlin - 3rd

Year 8 Boys
Matua Reedy - 1st
Kaiawha Heke - 2nd

Year 9 Girls
Jazmine Farnan - 2nd

Year 9 Boys
Shu Kaneko - 3rd

Year 12 Boys
Tyson Farnan - 1st
Akira Rowe-Fox - 3rd

Swimming – Year group champions

Year 7 Girls
Summer Adams - 1st

Year 7 Boys
Patrick O’Loughlin - 1st
Finlay Campbell - 2nd

Year 9 Girls
Teiana Mainwaring - 2nd

Year 10 Boys
Sonny Kani - 3rd

Year 11 Girls
Cyrene Laboud - 3rd 

Year 11 Boys
Max Thomson - 3rd

Athletics – Year group champions

Year 7 Girls
Summer Adams - 1st

Year 7 Boys
Patrick O’Loughlin - 1st

Year 8 Boys
Matua Reedy - 1st

Year 9 Girls
Teiana Mainwaring - 2nd
Jazmine Farnan - 3rd

Year 11 Girls
Te Huika Mason - 2nd

Year 12 Boys
Akira Rowe-Fox - 2nd

Mr David Green
Pascoe House Mentor


This year the sale will be held on Wednesday, 7 December at 3pm in Convent Garden, within the school grounds.

Please ensure you bring cash on the day as there are no EFTPOS facilities. The Uniform Shop will also be open 3pm-4pm on this day.

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