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The Boyer Lectures

At this time every year, there are a series of lectures called The Boyer Lectures, which are delivered by an eminent Australian. This year’s lectures are being delivered by Noel Pearson on the topic of Aboriginal voice. There are three lectures. The first two have been released and the third will be released this weekend.
You can access them from your podcasting service or from ABC IVIEW.

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I would highly recommend these to you, as they provide an informed historical account of the evolution of this idea which came from The Uluru Statement from the Heart, and which is supported by both sides of politics. Australia will have a referendum around this, in the near future, and it is important that we are informed.

Sara Jennings

It is my pleasure to announce that Sara Jennings has been appointed as Principal at St Francis School in Maddington. Sara has given exemplary service to the College over the past 8 years, and she will be greatly missed. However, our loss is another school’s gain, and we wish her every success in her new appointment.

Mr Declan Tanham

St Vinnies Christmas Appeal

The College will be collecting donations for the St Vinnies Christmas Appeal from Monday 14 November to Friday 25 November. Each year group is asked to bring in the below-allocated items to help brighten the Christmas of families experiencing hardship. Please give your donations to your Form Teacher or the Front Office. Thank you.

2023 Secondary Assistance Scheme

The College offers the following fee discounts:

1. Sibling Discount – a second child will be entitled to a discount of 20% off Tuition Fees, a third child will be entitled to a 40% discount off Tuition Fees, and any subsequent children will be entitled to a 100% discount off Tuition Fees.

2. Health Care Card/Pension Card Discount – on presentation of a valid Low Income Health Care Card or Pension Card, a fee discount is automatically applied to the family account – see below link to Centrelink website, or

3. Discretionary Special Fee Assistance – in the event a family does not qualify for a Concession Card, or that discount is insufficient, a family may be eligible to apply for Discretionary Special Fee Assistance. In this situation, the College will request the completion of an application form, which requires financial information (income, expenses, assets and liabilities), to ensure the process is fair and equitable.

The Government of Western Australia also provides a Clothing Allowance to assist eligible families. To be eligible for the allowance, the parent/guardian must hold a Services Australia (Centrelink) or Veterans’ Affairs card that represents a statement of income for the family. See below link to Government of Western Australia Concessions website. Completed applications must be submitted to the College prior to the end of Term 1.

Secondary Assistance Scheme (

2023 FORMS:


If you are eligible, please complete and return by end of Term 1, 2023 to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Remembrance Day

Led beautifully by our Student Leaders, the College commemorated Remembrance Day with a whole school assembly on Tuesday. Head Boy, Ben Smith, and Head Girl, Jessica Rustean, then represented the College at the Remembrance Day Service at ANZAC Cottage in Mt Hawthorn.

An extra special 'well done' to Neave Cunningham (Year 11) who played the Last Post at the assembly and to Caitlyn Johnston (Year 9) for her poignant poem, The Pain in a Field of Poppies, which she read out at assembly.

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English News

As part of their English course, our Year 8 students are creating concepts and pages for their own original picture books. To inspire them, the English Department recently welcomed presenter Natalya Hawrylak from the Fremantle Literature Centre, who guided the students through a fun and engaging exploration of the picture book creation process.

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Across the morning, each English class attended a one-hour workshop, where they were given an insight into the creating and editing process. They heard snippets of fascinating tales that left them wanting to explore further, read through a sample of picture books, and tried their hand at some drawing activities that got them thinking more laterally about how they might approach their own creations. They also saw some great examples of including effective visual clues and foreshadowing into their own picture books.

Students were shown a wide range of picture books on different subjects from Australian authors such as Libby Gleeson Sean E Avery, Mark Greenwood, and Matt Shanks, to name a few. They featured stories aimed at many age groups, from pre-schoolers to young adults.

Natalya has been a regular presenter at Aranmore over the last few years, and she always keeps students entertained with her engaging presentation style and interesting stories about her personal experiences in meeting and working with different authors.

The students enjoyed the experience, and we look forward to seeing lots of exciting and original ideas when they complete their picture book task at the end of this term.

Mrs Kerry Ponton
English Teacher

Food News

To wrap up a year of cooking, the Year 11 Foods class completed their final task of devising and producing a healthy “bowl”. 

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We had some creative ideas for smoothie bowls, chicken and salad bowls and the ever favourite Burrito bowl.

Mrs Stephanie Knowles 

Science News

Year 8 Sedimentary Sandwiches

To help understand the way sedimentary rocks are formed, Year 8s made sedimentary sandwiches! We simulated weathering, deposition and compaction using different types of bread, cereals and spreads. There were even some sprinkled fossils involved!

 - Miss Emily Voung (Science Teacher)

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Year 10 Psychology Murdoch Excursion

Year 10 Psychology students visited Murdoch University for a day of workshops. One of the workshops involved a test of sensation using taste and smell. Students learned the strong association both these senses have with each other when trying to guess smells and tastes simultaneously.

Year 9 Forensics & Year 10 Psychology– Shake it Out for Science

Belinda Evans from the Chem Centre came to Aranmore last week to involve students in current research to assist in the forensic analysis of glass fragments.  The clip here explains what it is all about.

The Chem Centre conducts forensic analysis for the WA Police. Belinda fascinated students with her insights into a variety of cases including the Claremont Serial killer, students were very interested in hearing how techniques they have studied in class were used to solve these cases.

STEM Scholarships for Female Students Entering Year 11 & 12

If you have chosen to study Math and Science in Year 11 and12, this could be for you.

You would get a few thousand dollars each year to go towards your studies for Years 11 and 12 and also for the first three years of university. This brochure has all the details.

Mrs Naomi Geoghegan
Head of Learning Area - Science

Community News

January 2023 School Holiday Athletics Clinic

School Holiday Athletics Clinic for boys and girls aged 8 to 16 years. Mon 16 & Tue 17 January 2023. WA Athletics Stadium. 8.30am-3pm. $110 per day. Or $200 for both days. Includes a personised certificate. Choose ANY 4 events per day. More Info:

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Vincent Library Free Talk 

Living Proud WA, a Perth organisation that provides support to the LGBTQIA+ Community in WA and offers comprehensive professional development programs is hosting a talk at Vincent Library on Thursday, 24 November at 5.30pm – 6.30pm on Inclusive Language and Diversity Awareness. Sandra Norman will be discussing the use of language and how it can build inclusivity within the community as well as how language has changed, and the importance of pronouns and inclusive terminology. This training session is an opportunity for people working in diverse community spaces to refresh their knowledge of the changing attitudes, language and accepted terminology of the communities that we work with.

Inclusive Language and Diversity Awareness Tickets, Thu 24/11/2022 at 5:30 pm | Eventbrite


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