Newsletter 29.04.22 PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE Dear Parent/caregiver COVID-19 Positive Case ReportingI am writing in response to the announcement by WA Premier Mark McGowan that 1,100 historic positive cases in Catholic Education schools did not appear to have been reported to WA Health. Read More #qx-button-7tta3 .qx-element-button-wrapper i {color: #ffffff;font-size: 10px;}#qx-button-7tta3 .qx-element-button-wrapper polygon,#qx-button-7tta3 .qx-element-button-wrapper path {fill: #ffffff;}#qx-button-7tta3 .qx-element-button-wrapper svg {width: 10px;} WA Health informed CEWA about the discrepancy between the number of positive RATs advised to schools and those recorded in the Government’s online register. I want to reassure you that there has been no public health risk to our children as a result of the discrepancy. At all times, Catholic schools have followed WA Health directives and communicated to parents that they are required to report a positive COVID result on the online WA Health RAT Register. Our school communities were taking the right course of action in keeping schools informed of positive test results. I understand that the guidelines around reporting of COVID-19 cases are complex and WA Health have thanked our school communities for their ongoing timely and accurate reporting. However, it is important that parents should be reporting positive COVID results through the online WA Health RAT Register in addition to notifying your school principal through the self-reporting app. During the break a number of our community members were able to travel to other parts of Australia to be with family and friends. It was great to see how important these meetings were and how renewed people felt after that experience. If you are also in that category, I hope that you can catch up with family members also. Latest COVID-19 Update As you will be aware, most restrictions around COVID have been removed. • In essence we can resume all sports, music and drama performance and camps.• Masks are not required at school, but still need to be worn on public transport.• Close contacts, beyond the family home, do not require isolation. I know that last term has been challenging for parents, students and teachers and I would like to thank you for your vigilance and ongoing efforts and co-operation in protecting the health and safety of our students and staff. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. Uniform 1. Students are to be in full uniform by Monday Week 3 (8 May 2022).2. Students in Years 7-10 may continue to wear the College PE uniform to and from school on the days they have PE, as was the case in Term 1.3. Students cannot mix and match College uniforms. That is, students can’t wear the sports jacket with the academic uniform nor can they wear combinations of winter and summer uniforms.4. Students wearing trousers must tuck in their shirts. Mr Declan TanhamPrincipal Students Services News A reminder to parents about the protocol of communication via Student Services. Reporting daily absentees can be done by:1) Calling the 24-hour Absentee Line on 9201 52772) Emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. document.getElementById('cloakfdffb715bc46beefda35fb6cea6e31a6').innerHTML = ''; var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; var path = 'hr' + 'ef' + '='; var addyfdffb715bc46beefda35fb6cea6e31a6 = 'absentee' + '@'; addyfdffb715bc46beefda35fb6cea6e31a6 = addyfdffb715bc46beefda35fb6cea6e31a6 + 'aranmore' + '.' + 'wa' + '.' + 'edu' + '.' + 'au'; var addy_textfdffb715bc46beefda35fb6cea6e31a6 = 'absentee' + '@' + 'aranmore' + '.' + 'wa' + '.' + 'edu' + '.' + 'au';document.getElementById('cloakfdffb715bc46beefda35fb6cea6e31a6').innerHTML += ''+addy_textfdffb715bc46beefda35fb6cea6e31a6+''; 3) Phoning the Front Office on 9201 5200 after 8am. Read More #qx-button-r3zyi .qx-element-button-wrapper i {color: #ffffff;font-size: 10px;}#qx-button-r3zyi .qx-element-button-wrapper polygon,#qx-button-r3zyi .qx-element-button-wrapper path {fill: #ffffff;}#qx-button-r3zyi .qx-element-button-wrapper svg {width: 10px;} If you know of an appointment in advance, the same options above or a note your child brings with them, will be appreciated. Students should only be contacting parents and guardians in the Student Services office and not via their mobile phones without permission during school hours. Mr Dominic WhiteStudent Services Administration Ministry News Welcome to Term 2! We trust that you had a blessed Holy Week and Easter, and a refreshing break and quality time with loved ones. For the first time in more than 30 years, Muslims, Jews, Christians and Sikhs celebrated their religious holidays – Ramadan, Passover, Easter and Vaisakhi – at the same time. We are blessed to have members of various faith traditions within our Aranmore Catholic College community, which we recognise and celebrate in the spirit of multifaith, multicultural and racial harmony within our wider society. Read More #qx-button-6adzh .qx-element-button-wrapper i {color: #ffffff;font-size: 10px;}#qx-button-6adzh .qx-element-button-wrapper polygon,#qx-button-6adzh .qx-element-button-wrapper path {fill: #ffffff;}#qx-button-6adzh .qx-element-button-wrapper svg {width: 10px;} Within our Catholic faith tradition, we are still in the season of Easter and so may we continue to be people of hope and promise, and to promote new life and light amid the darkness. We continue to pray for the people of Ukraine and peace in all parts of our world. Thank you again to all members of our College community for your generous support of our social justice fundraising initiatives at the end of last term, including Project Compassion (Caritas Australia), LifeLink and the RSLWA ANZAC Appeal. We are currently counting and finalising the total donations for each of these worthy causes. On our first day of this term, we commemorated ANZAC Day as a whole school community. Due to COVID restrictions, we were in Form Rooms and participated in the ANZAC Day Service via Teams. We welcomed Mr Trevor Stiles, President of the RSLWA Mount Hawthorn Sub-branch, on campus who also delivered his presentation to us via Teams. All staff and students had the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of ANZAC Day and remember the sacrifice of our service people. On ANZAC Day itself, one of our Year 12 Student Leaders, Ellen Clocherty, represented our College by attending the ANZAC Day Service at Axford Park and laying a wreath on behalf of all of us. Thank you, Ellen. With COVID restrictions set to ease, we are excited at the prospect of being able to resume whole school and mixed year group assemblies, liturgies, Masses, student leadership gatherings, House Days, etc., as well as our Retreat program beginning with our planned Year 7 Retreat Day on Friday, 6 May. Easter blessings and best wishes for this term, Sr Emma LlewellynHead of Ministry From the Deans NAPLAN 2022 NAPLAN is a national literacy and numeracy assessment that students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 sit in May each year. It is the only national assessment all Australian students complete. Detailed NAPLAN information was sent to all Year 7 and 9 families in Week 5 of Term 1. If you require this information, please contact College Administration. Read More #qx-button-vvwrw .qx-element-button-wrapper i {color: #ffffff;font-size: 10px;}#qx-button-vvwrw .qx-element-button-wrapper polygon,#qx-button-vvwrw .qx-element-button-wrapper path {fill: #ffffff;}#qx-button-vvwrw .qx-element-button-wrapper svg {width: 10px;} In preparation for the tests in Week 3 (10 – 13 May), all students are required to download and install the NAPLAN software onto their devices, ready to sit the tests at school. Please ensure your child has this software installed on their device. The link to the software can be found on the Seqta Student Splash Page as shown below: Students who do not have a device will be able to borrow from our Library, however these devices are limited. Should you have any queries or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact myself, or Alex Chalmers (IT Support) at the College. Miss Shannon Smith Dean of Students Student Success News Congratulations to our Head Girl, Chelsea Te Whata, who represented WA in the U18s Women's Softball Nationals in Sydney during the Easter break. She played 10 games, hit two automatic home runs over the fence, had the highest fielding average for the tournament and was named the Most Valuable Player! What an outstanding achievement. Well done Chelsea. Art News On Wednesday 23 March, Year 11 ATAR and General Drama students attended an excursion to Heath Ledger Theatre to view the performance 'City of Gold'. Written by Meyne Wyatt and presented by Black Swan Theatre Company, 'City of Gold' questions injustice and racism in Australia today. Students were genuinely captivated by the power of the performance and the unique aesthetic of the set design. Read More #qx-button-4us49 .qx-element-button-wrapper i {color: #ffffff;font-size: 10px;}#qx-button-4us49 .qx-element-button-wrapper polygon,#qx-button-4us49 .qx-element-button-wrapper path {fill: #ffffff;}#qx-button-4us49 .qx-element-button-wrapper svg {width: 10px;} On Monday 28 March, Year 11 and 12 Music and Drama students, along with selected Year 10 students, attended Performing Arts Perspectives at Perth Concert Hall. Performing Arts Perspectives is a collection of dance, music and drama performances that received excellent results in the 2021 WACE Practical Examination. Students were amazed and inspired by the talent and creativity on display! Mrs Shelley DiceDrama Teacher Mathematic News Inspired by the staff PD via Zoom on the Resilience Project, students who had Maths class on Thursday 7 April were invited to write messages of gratitude. Read More #qx-button-b4gs8 .qx-element-button-wrapper i {color: #ffffff;font-size: 10px;}#qx-button-b4gs8 .qx-element-button-wrapper polygon,#qx-button-b4gs8 .qx-element-button-wrapper path {fill: #ffffff;}#qx-button-b4gs8 .qx-element-button-wrapper svg {width: 10px;} These messages were then stuck up on the classroom board as a collective expression of gratitude. Below are Mr Ebert’s and Mr Otten's Maths classes ‘Gratitude Trees’.  (images courtesy of Mr Ebert) Science News Year 10 Lolly Trolley Year 10 Physics students are using lollies as crash test dummies while testing movement on a slope. Read More #qx-button-laud0 .qx-element-button-wrapper i {color: #ffffff;font-size: 10px;}#qx-button-laud0 .qx-element-button-wrapper polygon,#qx-button-laud0 .qx-element-button-wrapper path {fill: #ffffff;}#qx-button-laud0 .qx-element-button-wrapper svg {width: 10px;} Year 9 Forensics Blood Source Analysis Forensics students are learning how to determine the location of the source of blood spatter by analysing the shape of each blood drop. Year 11 ATAR Human Biology Weetbix Challenge A practical way to learn about the importance of saliva. From the Science Community Year 11 and 12s ECU Engineering Showcase Mrs Naomi Geoghegan Head of Learning - Science P&F News Back by popular demand! Aranmore P&F proudly presents WA Australian of the Year and Cyber-safety expert, Mr Paul Litherland. Here's your chance to find out about the latest cyber-safety information and to ask questions from the leading expert on how you and your family can stay safe online. Surf online Safe presented by Mr Paul LitherlandWednesday 11 May 6:30pm to 8pm Save the date - more details out soon. UPCOMING EVENTS Please see College Calendar. Follow Us #qx-social-icon-l9ibh li.item-0 i {color: #ffffff;font-size: 24px;}#qx-social-icon-l9ibh li.item-0 polygon,#qx-social-icon-l9ibh li.item-0 path {fill: #ffffff;}#qx-social-icon-l9ibh li.item-0 svg {width: 24px;} #qx-social-icon-l9ibh li.item-1 i {color: #ffffff;font-size: 24px;}#qx-social-icon-l9ibh li.item-1 polygon,#qx-social-icon-l9ibh li.item-1 path {fill: #ffffff;}#qx-social-icon-l9ibh li.item-1 svg {width: 24px;}

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