Jubilee Year of Mercy
College Administration resumes
Uniform Shop 9am-2pm
Uniform Shop 9am - 2pm
Faith, Story & Witness
Australia Day Public Holiday
Combined Council Meeting
New Staff Orientation
Student Leaders’ Training Workshop
Staff PD Day #1
Teachers commence
am: Staff wellbeing
Staff PD Day #2
Term 1 Week 1
Yr 12 commence normal classes
Uniform Shop 8am to 1pm
Yr 7 8:45am - 1:00pm
Yr 8 New Students Orientation 9:30am - 10.30am
Aboriginal Students Welcome to Country Exc. P5-6
ID Photos Yr 7-12 new students
Yr8-11 & NALC students commence
Yr 7 Parent Night 6pm
Inter-house Swimming Carnival
Chinese New Year Lunch
Term 1 Week 2
Shrove Tuesday
West Coast Eagles Community Visit
Staff Commissioning Mass - St Mary's Leederville
Ash Wednesday (Lent begins) Distribution of Ashes P1
Yr 11 OnSite Induction
Senior Rugby Camp (afterschool)
Yr 12 OnSite Induction
Senior Rugby Camp
Yr 7 Activity Day - Postponed
Senior Rugby Camp
1st Sunday of Lent
Academic Council Meeting
P & F Meeting
Term 1 Week 3
Yr 11/12 Parent Information Night 6pm
EaL/D H'work Club begins
P & F Meeting
Aboriginal families Welcome BBQ 4pm
MS & Aboriginal H'work Clubs begin
Yr 7 Student Leaders appointed
Commencement Mass Rehearsal P4, 5 & 6
P1 Student Leaders
OnSite/TAFE begins
Whole School Commencement Mass & Assembly
2nd Sunday of Lent
Netball Parent Information Meeting
Pastoral Council Meeting
SNT Trial 1
Term 1 Week 4
Yr 11 Elevate P1
Board Meeting (E)
Pascoe Day
Yr 7/8 NWAS begins
Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) Meeting 1
Yr 9/10 NWAS begins
Yr10 HaSS L1 & L3 Exc.
Yr 11 ATAR RE Pilgrimage P1 & 2
Yr 12 ATAR EaL/D Exc. P 5 & 6
3rd Sunday in Lent
Combined Council Meeting
SNT Squad Training begins
Term 1 Week 5
SNT Trial 2
Yr 7/8 NWAS
Yr 9 Rugby: JSCup
Yr 9/10 NWAS
Buddy Lunch Yr7 & 11
DHCup Rugby (Girls)
JWCup Rugby Open
am: Staff wellbeing
Staff PD
Student Free Day
Saturday Detention
4th Sunday in Lent
Labour Day Public Holiday WA
Term 1 Week 6
A/S Rugby Opens begins
OLNA Yr 10, 11 & 12
Yr 7/8 NWAS
A/S Rugby Yr 9 begins
OLNA Yr 10,11 & 12
Yr 9/10 NWAS
OLNA Yr 10,11 & 12
Senior Drama Performance Evening 6pm
Yr 9 Pilgrimage P 1 & 2
Netball Bingo Night
OLNA Yr 10,11 & 12
5th Sunday in Lent
Academic Council Meeting
OLNA continues
Term 1 Week 7
Yr 12 Elevate ATAR P1
Harmony Activity