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Senior Rugby Camp

Senior Rugby Camp for selected students in the Rugby Program  will take place 10am Thursday 18 Feb to 5:30pm Friday 19 Feb. This is an overnight camp that will take place on Rottnest Island. This camp is used as a stepping stone for the up and coming season. It also gives staff the opportunity to enforce the expectations required of all our rugby students while staying together and developing as a community. This is a compulsory camp for all students on Rugby Scholarship and for those who wish to play Opens Rugby in 2021.

The students will be required to participate in activities at Rottnest Island which include, beach runs, snorkeling, swimming, skills and drills, cooking, cleaning and camping, survival and leadership activities. Mr Grace, Specialist rugby teacher, and Mr Miotti, will be leading the camp.

The total cost for the camp is $130, which includes: Rottnest ferry, bike hire, tent hire, camping ground hire, BBQ hire, roll mats and snorkeling gear. Students (in groups) will provide their own, BBQ dinner Thursday night, breakfast on Friday morning. They will have lunch at Rottnest shops on Friday so will need their own money.

All students will need to bring clothing and food to school.

Students will need to be collected on Friday afternoon @ 5.30pm February from Hillary’s Boat harbor (a bus will be returning to Aranmore).

ALL forms and $130 must be paid by Monday 15 February. 

Mr Dwayne Grace

Specialist Rugby Program Coordinator

Senior Rugby Rottnest Camp 2021 (18 - 19 Feb)

Senior Rugby Rottnest Camp 2021 (18 - 19 Feb)

Senior Rugby Camp from 10am Thursday 18th Feb to 5:30pm Friday 19th Feb. Th..

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