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Year 10 River Cruise

Year 10 End of Year River Cruise

Monday 7 December 2020                            

Crystal Swan'                            

Departure Location
Barrack Street Jetty            

Arrival Time
6.00 p.m. Please meet Form teacher to have your name checked off                        

Cruise Departure Time
6.30 p.m.

Cruise Return time
10.00 p.m.

Smart – Dress appropriately for a school function. No low-cut tops, midriffs, or thongs. If you have any questions please see your Dean.


Students are required to assemble at the Jetty at 6.00pm in Form groups for a roll call, to make sure all students who have purchased tickets are present.

As the students will be representing the College in a public arena, the highest level of behaviour, manners and respect is expected at all times.

Students and parents are reminded that this is a College function and normal College rules apply.  Parents will be asked to collect students who fail to observe College expectations.

Parents should arrange for their child to be collected promptly at 10.00pm when all students disembark.  It is essential that students are collected on time.

This should be an exciting evening for everyone involved and we look forward to a memorable occasion.

PLEASE NOTE THIS IS AN INVITATION ONLY EVENT SUBJECT TO THE STUDENT HAVING A GOOD ACADEMIC and BEHAVIOURAL STANDING. Should student's Good Standing change prior to departure, the College retains the right to withdraw the invitation.


Year 10 River Cruise Ticket 2020

Year 10 River Cruise Ticket 2020

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