Senior Leaders

As Clare Kanakis has been appointed to a consultancy role at the Catholic Education Office and Bernice Roche has been appointed as Deputy Principal at McKillop Catholic College in Busselton, there has been some need to rearrange senior leadership in the College. These roles are being filled by the following people:

• Mike Williams - Deputy Principal Curriculum
• Sara Jennings - Deputy Principal Pastoral/Teaching and Learning
• Craig Rodgers - Director of Administration
• Shannon Smith - Campus Minister
• Sabrina Rodrigues - Head of Religious Education

Homework and Digital Learning

In a NBN parenting report 2017, it was found that half of the students surveyed went online for video collaboration with classmates and almost 3 in 5 students access online tutorials.

The report author Christy Goodwin said parents are increasingly accepting the educational benefits of online activity with more than 80% supporting the use of Internet for homework. It is clear that computers have an important role in a child’s learning, but I do remind you that the best advice by experts in the field also indicates that computers are best supervised in a family living space.

Student Success

The College received an email from a former student outlining his recent appointment as Head Scientist to the New York Yankees. David Whiteside finished at the College in 2004. He took the trouble to contact his ex-teachers Pam Belben and Craig Rodgers, to thank them for his time at the College and to alert them of his appointment. His comments speak loudly of teaching.

 I include an excerpt from his email:

"In any case, last month I accepted the role of Principal Sport Scientist with the New York Yankees – a rather prestigious position in the sporting realm. While I’d like to think that some hard yards have been put in to get there, I’m equally cognisant of the fact that, and this is sincere, the classroom aura you created in those early days ultimately set me on this path and has served me well.

In retrospect, it’s not any single piece of acquired knowledge I value, but rather the simple fact of you having made your classrooms enjoyable places. Trivial as that may sound, the notion of “This teacher has a genuine enthusiasm for their field and is actually invested in us having fun in their classroom” sparked my appetite for knowledge more than anything an instructor, at any level, ever did. That I could be equally engaged in your two classrooms, disparate as the content would have been, suggests to me that it really boils down to delivery, rather than content.

With the above in mind, not that I had the slightest inclination at the time, despite you all probably having suggested as much(!), I have a sneaking suspicion that the two of you played pivotal roles in where I’ve landed. So prior to this intercontinental move (with my wife Ishani Hewage – you’re more likely to recall her!), I figured it’d be remiss of me to depart without saying thanks so much for everything. Your students are genuinely lucky to have you on deck and I hope you enjoy your time off".

The Royal Commission

I have a letter from Tim McDonald, Executive Director of Catholic Education in Western Australia, with regard to the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse. I encourage you to read it here.

Mr Declan Tanham

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