School Climate Survey

Staff, students and parents completed a feedback survey, to provide data for the College’s future Strategic Plan.

I was really pleased to read the student feedback, which reported a high level of satisfaction with their feeling of inclusivity, staff support and feeling safe at school. The students also believed that the staff set high levels of expectation for them, which they value. They also reported clear rule clarity and they highly valued their peer connections.

The teachers reported a high level of job satisfaction, teacher efficacy, collegiality and support, for the College’s mission. In particular, the staff reported high levels of well-being and had no plans to leave. Parents reported they were well supported by staff and were very satisfied with their child’s progress. They also reported that the College was a welcoming environment, with excellent levels of communication.

These snippets of feedback give a positive outlook for the College and represent high levels of satisfaction amongst each of our stakeholder groups. There were a number of areas for growth, and the College will respond to these in its Strategic Plan, which is hoped will be completed, by the end of Term 1 in 2022.

Departing Staff

As the year draws to a close, I would like to thank Madame Blake who is finishing at the College and we wish her well for her retirement.

Victoria Tan is also stepping down from her role as Education Support and we wish her well.

Adam Miotti is going to the Kimberley for a year’s secondment and will return in 2023.

Emma Longcake is going to the Catholic Education Office, as a consultant and will return in 2023.

Chris Simpson is taking a year study leave in 2022.

Christine Tilley is expecting her first child and will be finishing at the end of this year.

George Lafferty will be on Long Service Leave for Term 1, 2022. While Cam Hine will take her Long Service Leave during Semester 1, 2022. We wish them both well.


This is the final farewell newsletter for the year, and I would like to thank you for your support during another unusual year. We look forward to a relaxing break and I do hope that your time spent with your children, is fruitful and invigorating and that they come back refreshed, for 2022.

Mr Declan Tanham

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