Year 7 Filtration
Today we did a practical on homemade water filters, we had to set up the water filter and then pour dirty water mixed with oil, then we watched it filter. Once the water had filtered, we had to answer three questions about what was wrong and what went right with the experiment. – Kiel Bliss

20211103 Yr 7 Filtration 1  20211103 Yr 7 Filtration 6

Year 8 Chemical Weathering
Weathering, or the breaking down of rock into smaller pieces is part of the rock cycle. Year 8’s are demonstrating the chemical weathering of limestone and relating this back to the chemical reactions they learned about last term.

20211102 Yr 8 Chemical Weathering Esther Shayla  20211102 Yr 8 Chemical Weathering Calan 1

Mrs Naomi Geoghegan
Head of Learning Area - Science

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