Year 7 forces

In Week 2, Year 7 students began learning about forces and friction in physical sciences. They had the opportunity to complete a practical to measure different types of forces and how these forces change in motion. Students were provided with objects that included tennis balls, balloons, magnets and plasticine. During the practical, the students used these objects in different ways that showed the different types of forces in play. 

These forces included friction force, natural force, spring force, magnetic force, gravitational force and electrostatic force. As an example, balloons were rubbed on fabric and placed near someone’s hair to observe electrostatic force (static electricity) in play. During the next few weeks, students will have the opportunity to complete a crash test dummy practical showing forces between cars and static objects in preparation for their scientific investigation in Week 4.

- Ms Casey Donaldson, Prac Teacher

  20210728 Yr 7 Forces 7  20210728 Yr 7 Forces 1

Year 7 Hand Force
How strong are your hands? Year 7’s are collecting quantitative data to find out.

20210802 Yr 7 Hand force 7

Year 10 DNA
Extracting DNA requires careful handling and following of instructions. Mrs Geoghegan’s year 10 class did just that and were able to extract and measure some quality DNA from their strawberries. Well done!

20210428 Yr 10 Kiwi Fruit DNA 1  20210428 Yr 10 Kiwi Fruit DNA Brodie Latrell Oakley 1

Year 8 Chemistry
How do you know if a chemical reaction has occurred? Here Dr Carroll’s Year 8 class are observing the formation of a precipitate, a tell-tale sign of a chemical reaction occurring.

20210728 Yr 8 Chemistry

Science Camp - 3 days of Science - what more could you want?

You could spend the last three days of Term 3 (22 - 24 September) in Dryandra taking part in a range of Science activities including animal trapping and identification.


Only 23 students in Years 7-10 can attend. Successful students will be chosen for their enthusiasm for Science, enquiring mind and good behaviour rather than their Science marks.

Use the link below to apply. Applications must be in before 20 August.

The cost per student will be between $60 and $80.

If you have any questions please speak with your Science teacher or come to the Science office.

Mrs Naomi Geoghegan
Head of Learning - Science

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