Year 8 Heart Rate Investigation

What factors affect your heart rate? Year 8 students are testing the effect of different actions on their heart rate.

20210601 Yr 8 Heart Rate Natnael  20210601 Yr 8 Heart Rate Shayla Oliver

Year 9 Bacteria Research

Year 9 students are currently learning about their immune system. Here students are choosing a disease caused by a bacteria to study in-depth.

20210603 Yr 9 Bacteria Research 2  20210603 Yr 9 Bacteria Research Samaja  20210603 Yr 9 Bacteria Research 3

Year 8 Heart Dissection

Year 8’s are looking at a variety of body systems, respiratory, reproductive, digestive and circulatory. Mr Lafferty’s class are getting a very close up look at the heart. Sheep hearts are perfectly suited to dissection by students as they are very close in size and structure to an adult human heart.

20210603 Yr 8 Heart Dissection Amalie Angelina  20210603 Yr 8 Heart Dissection Marcel Zeek

Year 10 Psychology

Senior Lecturer in Criminology at Murdoch University, Dr David Keatley visited the Year 10 Psychology class for a follow-up tutorial in Forensic Psychology, specifically the unsolved Zodiac Killer case. We discussed the suspects we had researched and he shared his views on the case. - Ms Cerny

2021 10 Psych Zodiac Killer Workshop 2

Mrs Naomi Geoghegan
Head of Learning- Science

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