Year 8 Pastoral Period – WA Police Presentation

Throughout Term 2, our Year 8 Pastoral Program has had a focus on Online Safety, particularly relating to Cyber Bullying. In a recent session, the team from the WA Police Constable Care Foundation visited the Year 8s to deliver a performance based on the topic.

Sgt Ian Stewart along with David, Stuart and Louis from the Youth Choices Team, delivered a program called ‘Rapid Response’, which is an interactive, completely improvised performance, which asks students to provide examples of what online bullying looks like in their own context. The scenes are then performed, followed by discussion to break down barriers and consider how bullying affects them, and how they can find solutions to prevent and deal with online bullying if it ever happens to them.

Thank you to the WA Police for delivering such an engaging and interesting presentation on a very serious and important issue.

Police WA 3 

Year 11 Pastoral Period – The Ripple Effect Presentation

Throughout Term 2, our Year 11 Pastoral Program has had a focus on Road Safety. As well as completing online activities using RAC resources, our Year 11s recently experienced a presentation from Prendiville College librarian Louise Clarke. Louise lost her only daughter Bronwyn in a motorcycle accident in 2014. Louise shared her experience with the students, endeavouring to make them aware of not only the impact of this event and her search to find meaning in such a tragic time, but also to sensitise the students to the possible consequences of some of the choices they make in their lives – and the ‘Ripple Effect’ they can have.

The talk was very moving and proved to be extremely worthwhile for our Year 11s, particularly at this point in the curriculum and in their own life journey. Thank you to Louise for giving up her time to share her story with us.

Miss Shannon Smith
Dean of Year 8 & 11

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