Year 9 Forensics & Year 11 Human Biology Blood Typing

Sam & Lesh from Curtin University’s Out Reach visited the Forensics and Human Biology classes to run Blood Typing Activities. The Human Biology classes looked at how antibodies work and the importance of blood typing in blood transfusions. The Forensics class solved the mystery of the missing answer sheet using blood typing.

20210329 Yr Forensics Blood Typing 1  20210329 Yr Forensics Blood Typing 3 

 20210329 Yr 11 H Bio Blood Typing Moeka Rammiya Ana  20210329 Yr 11 H Bio Blood Typing Tyson Gaspar

Year 11 Human Biology Heart Dissection

What better way to learn how the heart works than to dissection one!

20210326 Yr 11 H Bio Heart Diss Tiernan  20210326 Yr 11 H Bio Heart Diss Leila Jessamy  20210326 Yr 11 H Bio Heart Diss Sophia Lola Lucia

Mrs Naomi Geoghegan
Head of Learning - Science


Year 12 Titrations

Our Year 12 ATAR Chemistry class completed a series of titrations in order to find the concentrations of several unknown solutions. A titration involves using a solution of known concentration to determine the concentration of another solution by carefully reacting them together. - Mr Rod Tilbury

20210324 Yr 12 Chem Titration Andrew Keshan  20210324 Yr 12 Chem Titration Rahul Dr Tilbury 1  20210324 Yr 12 Chem Titration 22



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