Shrove Tuesday – Caritas Launch
On Tuesday 25 February, a small group of our Student Leaders attended the Launch of Lent and Caritas Project Compassion, along with students representing Catholic schools from all over Perth. The day began with a beautiful Mass celebrated by Bishop Justin Bianchini. This was followed by a morning tea of Pancakes and fruit in honour of Shrove Tuesday. The students then participated in a Just Leadership workshop run by Caritas and were educated around the 2020 theme of: “Going Further Together”. This was a wonderful event and a fantastic opportunity for our students.

Year 8 Retreat Days
Our Year 8 students were recently involved in their Retreat and Activity Days, held on Thursday 5 and Friday 6 March. The girls had their Retreat on Thursday, while the boys went to their Activity day, with vice versa on the Friday. The Retreat day was held at school and lead by the awesome Perth Youth Mission Team (YMT). The theme of the day was “Self-Image” and students were able to more fully appreciate the gift of their own uniqueness and worth. Students were free to be themselves and learned the importance of not changing their opinion or attitude just to suit somebody else and just how much they can have an impact on the people around them, both positively and negatively. The day was well balanced with many fun games, activities, and skits to get the students involved and active. We concluded with an afternoon reflection session, and the students conducted themselves in a very mature and reverent manner. Congratulations to all Year 8 students for being so well engaged and doing their best to make the most out of the days!

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Caritas Project Compassion 2020
Our Project Compassion fundraising will continue for the remainder of the term throughout the period of Lent. Each Form room has been allocated a collection box, and there have also been boxes placed in the Front Office, Library and Student Services.

The theme of Project Compassion this year is “Go Further Together”. By giving 100% in everything we do this lent, particularly through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, we can make a difference to not only our own lives but the lives of others. Students and staff are encouraged to show their support for such a wonderful initiative and donate to Project Compassion as every little bit counts and can make a huge difference to the lives of those less fortunate. For more information about Caritas and Project Compassion, please visit the website:

Project Compassion winners first week

Miss Shannon Smith
Head of Campus Ministry

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