Vale and Farewell

Mary Boyd

I would like to inform you that Mary Boyd passed away recently and her funeral service occurred on Saturday 14 March. You may not know the name. Mary was a student at the College, a long-time parishioner of St Mary’s in Leederville and a grandmother to Emma and Matthew Nelson, former students of the College. Julia also worked at the College.

Mary was also a significant benefactor to the College. She also spent many years volunteering, particularly working to organise the school's Memorabilia and Archives. She was always a bright and witty presence in the College, during her visits. She had been ill for some time and is sorely missed, particularly for her morning teas.

We extend our condolences to the family. Mary was a warm and generous person and we shall miss her.

Vale Murphy

We have been informed that Val Murphy, a previous Principal of the College (1990 – 2001) passed away peacefully in hospital.

Val worked as a young teacher in New Guinea for nine years and then worked at CBC Leederville; eventually being appointed as Deputy Principal. He then served as Principal at Bunbury Catholic College after which time he became the Principal at Aranmore for twelve years, before retiring.

He was a passionate supporter of Rugby and he is responsible for initiating the program at Aranmore. We extend our condolences to Val's family. 


Astrid Corbett

Astrid had volunteered in the College Uniform Shop for 30 years. Such generous service over a long period of time is laudable. She was always welcoming and cheerful with the students, doing her best to accommodate their various needs and wants. We are very grateful for all that she has done for the College and wish her well in retirement.

IMG 6951adj Astrid pictured on the left with Mary.

Taylor Wilkinson

Taylor who works at Reception is leaving the College, after five years. She has been a bright and cheerful professional worker, at our Reception. We wish her well in her future career and thank her for her years of service.

IMG 7295adj Taylor pictured on the left with Lara during her farewell morning tea.

Mr Declan Tanham

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