Aranmore Catholic College awards full and partial scholarships to deserving students in the fields of Academic, Sport (Netball & Rugby) and Music.  

In awarding scholarships, Aranmore commits itself to assisting our scholarship students to attain standards of excellence in their academic, sporting or artistic endeavours.


Expectations of Aranmore Scholarship Students

The College expects scholarship students to pursue excellence not only in the area where the scholarship has been awarded, but to develop all their other abilities and talents in keeping with the tradition of Catholic education. In particular, we expect scholarship students to:

- show leadership within the College community at all times

- achieve academically to the best of their ability

- model appropriate manners and courtesy to staff and students as listed in our Manners Policy

- participate in all College activities related to their scholarship

- demonstrate appropriate sportsmanship at all times

- act as ambassadors for Aranmore when visiting other schools or meeting with visitors to the College

- be role models for their peers


Academic Support

In awarding sport scholarships to students, Aranmore commits itself to assisting those students to gain standards of excellence in their academic work as well. The kind of assistance available includes help for them;

- to prepare study or time management plans

- to assess progress in their more challenging subjects

- to set step-by-step improvement benchmarks in subjects where they could be 'at risk' of failing

- to evaluate their commitment to the overall college expectations of scholarship holders.


Sporting Program Scholarships

Athletes, particularly at a Year 7, 8 & 9 level are viewed with their “potential for development” in mind. Therefore, limited playing experience should not prohibit potential netball or rugby players from applying for a scholarship. Please note: students do not have to be receiving a scholarship to be included in the Netball or Rugby Program.


Aboriginal Student Sponsorship

For further information regarding Aboriginal Student Sponsorship, please contact:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. on 9444 9355.


2019 Year 7 Academic Scholarships

The College Board wishes to offer the equivalent of two Academic Scholarships to students of high academic ability who also have excellent behaviour and attendance records.

2019 Academic Scholarship Form

Applications for 2019 Academic Scholarships are now closed.


2019 Music, Netball and Rugby Scholarship

Scholarships for 2019 will be offered in these three categories and further details will be added early in Term Three. Scholarship trial/audition dates are scheduled for Week 9 Term Three. Please check back in Term Three for confirmation of trial/audition dates and times and for further information. If you have any queries please contact Chris Simpson, Dean of Curriculum at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.










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