For Year 11 & 12 students not aiming to achieve an ATAR for University entrance, Aranmore offers an alternative pathway to achieve their WACE.

The Vocational Education and Training department offers students a variety of opportunities to complement or act as an alternative pathway to mainstream education programs. The VET program is ideally suited to those students planning to enter a State Training Provider (TAFE) or gain an apprenticeship after Year 11 or 12.

Students are offered a number of certificates courses that are endorsed by Training WA to complete and gain skills and qualifications. Some VET students’ participate in Workplace Learning (WPL), which allows students to gain an insight into selected career paths and experience the requirements of working within this industry or profession.

VET courses on offer:

OnSite (Specialist Courses)

  • Automotive
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Building & Construction
  • Health Assist (Nursing)
  • Playground (Child Care)
  • Hairdressing
  • Furniture
  • Traineeships
  • Business
  • Retail
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Child Care

Endorsed Programs

  • Onsite - Workplace Learning
  • Various others

Certificate Courses


  • Various

We are also able to assist with:

- Help with obtaining a USI (Unique Student Identifier)

- Assistance with obtaining a White Card

By completing these certificate courses, students are not only working towards their Secondary Graduation (WACE) but also towards Training WA qualifications. Students will be able to use these qualifications to further their learning experiences at university, State Training Providers, gain an apprenticeship or the workforce.

Year 11 & 12 Certificate Courses

Currently, it is not possible for students to obtain a complete record of their VET enrolments and achievements from a single online source. This is inconvenient not only for students and employers but can also make it more difficult for training organisations to assess pre-requisites, credit transfer and Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

The Senate has passed the Student Identifiers Bill 2014 paving the way for the Unique Student Identifier (USI) scheme to start on 1 January 2015.
This will allow all Australians to build an online record of their vocational education and training attainments and qualifications. The online record will be accessible throughout a student’s life, helping to make lost qualifications a thing of the past.
The onus is on the student to obtain their USI prior to their VET achievement being uploaded to the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.

The process for obtaining a USI is simple by going to the following:

Students without the required evidence to apply for a USI will need to work with the College and/or RTO to allow students without acceptable evidence to obtain a USI.
Once students have obtained their number they need to pass it onto their teacher for entry into the College database.

Evidence of Identity:
Evidence of Identity is the form of ID you need to select from the lift. The details of the form of ID will be checked electronically through the Document Verification Service which verifies common Australian form of ID.

The Document Verification Service can immediately verify your form of ID using one of the following:
• Drivers Licence
• Medicare Card
• Passport (Australian)
• Visa (Non-Australian Passport)
• Birth Certificate (Australian)
• Certificate of Registration by Descent
• Citizenship Certificate
• ImmiCard

If you require further information or clarification, please contact me on:
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