Our Food Science & Technology program encourages students to be productive, innovative and enterprising. This involves generating ideas and taking action, as well as developing techniques and food products that satisfy human needs.

Students will learn about the materials, information, systems and the processes by which they are employed. They will consider the resources, equipment and techniques that are relevant to the context in which they are working. 

Food students will make, organise and modify techniques and products and communicate their plans to others. They will appraise their experiences and reflect on what has been done and how it can be improved

Specifically, students will develop hygienic food preparation and presentation skills and prepare delicious recipes that are packed with nutritional value. Students will be given the opportunity to work with and explore ingredients and recipes that they are familiar with, but also from a wide variety of cultures from all around the world. 

Students will explore the idea that we do not eat for nourishment alone, but also for enjoyment. Students will learn the tricks of the trade about how to achieve food that both looks and tastes great and will be taught the secrets of colour, shape and texture as well as tips on choosing garnishes which best compliment the flavour of the food. 

Food students will also have the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of commercial food preparation techniques, as well as preparing food and events on a larger scale.

This process of designing, making and appraising is central to Food Technology. It is a dynamic process where the elements of designing, making and appraising overlap and do not occur in a pre-ordained or lock-step sequence. We believe that this approach will increase the application value of the skills and knowledge acquired through Home Economics. 


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