The Religious Education learning area focuses on the knowledge and understanding of the Gospel as it is handed on by the Catholic Church to Christians in today’s world. The content and processes for the learning area are intended to ensure students through a process of cultural, systematic and critical reflection learn the teachings of the faith and understand how Christians are called to live their lives. 

In Years 7 to 10 students develop understanding of Church, community and belonging, the wonder and awe of creation, sacraments, conscience, moral decision making, justice, the Bible and church history.

In Year 11 and Year 12 students select to study ATAR or GENERAL courses of Religion and Life. Students study in-depth connections about the interplay between religion and life and the influence and impact of religion. The topics covered include:

  • Christian search for meaning and purpose
  • The concept of religion and being religious
  • Religious belief
  • Christian denomination
  • The history of religion in Australia
  • Contemporary social issues
  • Religious rituals
  • Religion and life
  • Life beliefs and teachings
  • Religion in society
  • Religious structures and processes
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