At Aranmore Catholic College all students participate in a broad Health and Physical Education program in Years 7 to 10. In addition to this, students in Years 9 and 10 are able to select elective subjects in the areas of Outdoor Education, Recreational Physical Education as well as Specialist Netball and Rugby.

In Health Education students are exposed to a wide range of current issues with the aim of helping students make healthy life choices. Topics such as Wellness, Sexual Health, Growth and Development, Lifestyle Diseases, Drug Education and Safety are covered through the Year 7 - 10 programs.

Physical Education in the Middle School

In Physical Education, students in Years 7 and 8 focus on movement skills development, while in Years 9 and 10 students begin to focus more on strategies and tactics in sporting activities.  A wide range of sporting activities are chosen from, including invasion games, net/wall games, stick and ball games and performance based sports (ie swimming/athletics). 

Health & Physical Education in the Senior School

In Years 11 & 12, students have the opportunity to continue their studies in either Outdoor Education or Physical Education Studies (PES). Offerings will cater for students who are both Tertiary or industry bound.  Students studying PES will also have the opportunity to complete a Certificate II in Sport and Recreation.

Aranmore Catholic College is a member of the Associated and Catholic Colleges (ACC) competition and participates with other ACC schools in Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country carnivals. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a regional North West Associated Schools (NWAS) competition with students from other local non-government schools. 

Outside the ACC affiliated sports, students have the opportunity to participate in organised competitions in a range of sports through the School Sport WA program.

To find out more about our Specialist Sports Programs, visit the links below:

Specialised Netball Program

Specialist Rugby Program

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