Students have the opportunity to learn French at Aranmore Catholic College from Years 7 to 12. Learning a second language offers the students the potential to communicate in the target language while improving their understanding of their own language. 

Furthermore, they take part in the life of another culture and can gain an understanding of the similarities and differences between the French and Australian cultures. Learning a second language at school is also beneficial to students as they earn a 10% bonus on their WACE score for University entrance and increase their employment and career opportunities.

Learning French at Aranmore Catholic College encompasses a great variety of experiences such as:

  • Classroom based activities from the textbooks and workbooks
  • Developing the four skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking
  • Formal and informal assessments

Students enjoy watching French films, cooking and listening to various Francophone music and songs. Students can also take part in the Alliance Francaise Exams and in the LanguagePerfect Languages Competition, both providing valuable experiences. 

Online learning occurs throughout the year through Languageperfect as a tool for revision and homework. The teaching and learning program aims to provide opportunities for students to achieve their goals and develop new skills.

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