English as an additional Language/ Dialect (EaL/D) is a specialised learning area for students who do not have English as their first language, or for whom Standard Australian English is an additional dialect. 

The learning area focuses on the key skills of speaking, writing, listening, reading and viewing with grammar and vocabulary also given emphasis. Attention is placed on understanding the culture of Australia while still recognising the importance of maintaining their own unique culture and language. 

Aranmore’s EaL/D students come from a wide range of countries and nearly every continent, some of which include: China, South Sudan, Italy, Vietnam, Chile, and Afghanistan – just to name a few.  

EaL/D students prior learning in English and educational backgrounds are wide-ranging, with some students having studied English for only a few months, whereas others have studied English for several. Many students have attended continuous schooling in other countries, whilst others may have experienced gaps in their education.  

For WACE and ATAR, EaL/D is considered equivalent to English, therefore eligible EaL/D students sitting at ATAR level may use their mark for university entrance. 

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