Drama from Year 7 to 9, is a comprehensive exploration of the many aspects of acting and theatre styles. Drama in lower-school prepares students for the complex themes and issues of  Year 11 and 12 Drama courses.

In lower secondary school, students experience the thrill of performing for a live audience; all their hard work and fun in class is presented each semester for their peers. 

Our Drama programme includes a variety of acting techniques whereby students build an understanding of voice, improvisation and create an awareness of body language. Students are also inspired by theatrical elements such as dance, costume, and music to inform their dramatic works. Theatrical styles studied include; puppetry, mask, Greek theatre, Commedia dell arte and clowning.

All students in lower secondary Drama, study modern Australian plays. This enhances their opportunities to play with accents and appreciate the society in which we live.

In Year 10, budding actors rehearse and perform scenes from classic drama such as Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Arthur Miller’s The Crucible. Their study of World theatre is in preparation for the rigorous upper school Drama programme.

The Year 11 and 12 Drama courses are University pathway electives which encompass presentational and representational theatre styles. Students keep a visual folio of all their experiences and skill-building experiences. Skills covered in the senior course are; stage-management, scenography, costume design and lighting and sound design. This is an intensive programme which includes directing, performing and creating original works. 

Extra-Curricular Programme

All students at Aranmore Catholic College have the opportunity to audition for the school’s Musical and Theatrical productions. Many students return from their studies to assist in these wonderful community events. Recent productions include Into the Woods, Junglebook, Wolfstock, Oliver and Peter Pan!


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