Music Scholarship Re-Applications Closing Date
Netball & Rugby Scholarships Re-application Closing Date
Year 10 OE Cycling Gp 1 & 2
Academic Team Meeting
ACC Aths Carnival D Div
2022 Head Boy / Girl Speeches & Voting PP
Pastoral - House Singing
Drama Showcase evening
Year 7, 10 & IEC Mass P1
Year 8 Picture Book
2022 Head Boy / Girl Interviews
Music Spring Festival
Year 7 OE Excursion
Chapel Mass McAuley)
Music Scholarship re-application interviews (to 24 Sept)
Mercy Week
P&F Meeting
2022 Year 12 Student Leader Interviews
Pastoral - Founders' Day Prep
Year 9 OE Fishing Gp1
Founders' Day & Year 12 Final Mass
Year 8 OE Cycling
Dryandra Camp
Founders' Day (2:30pm Dismissal)
Music Scholarship re-interviews end
OLNA Concludes
Term 3 Ends
Queens Birthday Public Holiday
Year 12 sem 2 Exams begin
Exec Meeting
Staff PD Day
Year 12 Sem 2 Exams conclude
Year 7, 2022 Orientation
House Meetings (Student Leadership Promotion) - PP
Term 4 classes commence
Year 12 Exam Review D1
Year 12 Reports Due
Combined Arts Expo Opens
Year 12 Exam Review D2
Arts Technology Week
P&F Meeting
Battle of the Bands
Whole School Assembly
Combined Arts Expo closes
Pastoral Council Meeting
Year 7 Netball Super Series
Year 7, 10 & IEC Mass P1
Young Writers Yr 9/10
Year 12 Final Breakfast & Rehearsal
Year 12 Graduation Ceremony
Academic Team Meeting
JNT Parent Info Meeting
Advisory Council Meeting
Rugby: Year 9/10 North (Charles Riley Res, North Beach)
Year 9 Mass P1
Year 10 Psych Excursion
Chapel Mass Rice)
2022 Year 8 - 11 Student Leader Elections P1 - PP
Year 11 Final Mass P1
JNT Leaves
Music Recital
Year 7 Immunisations (second round)
JNT Return
ViSN Year 11 Exams
Pastoral Council Meeting
Remembrance Day Ceremony P2
Young Writers Year 8
Chapel Mass 8am (Kelly)
Year 11 Final Classes
Academic Team Meeting
Year 11 Study Day
Whole School Assembly
Year 11 Prac Exam Day
Year 11 Exams Begin
Year 8 Mass P1
Band Tour
Year 10 Rottnest Gp 1 & 2
Advisory Council and P&F AGM
Thanksgiving Mass
CASS Chair Set-up P5/6
Year 11 Exams Conclude
Year 7-10 & IEC Final Mass P1
Year 9 OE Sailing Gp 1
Year Group Meritorious Awards P2-P6
College Awards Night
Europe Tour Departs
Year 9 OE Sailing Gp 2
Year 10 Final Day
Year 11 Exam Review & Course Change Day
Year 7 - 10 Student Leader Coaching (Lunch & P5)
Chapel Mass Pascoe)
1st Sunday of Advent
Year 10 Study Day
Year 11 Reports Due
Year 10 Exams Begin
Year 9 Exams Begin
Pastoral Council Meeting
Year 7 OE Yanchep
Year 10 Exams Conclude