Our Beliefs and Values

At Aranmore Catholic College we seek to further the mission of the Catholic Christian Community. We are endowed with the rich heritage of the Sisters of Mercy and the Christian Brothers. We educate young people in the values of faith, compassion, justice and mercy, as lived by Jesus and emulated by Catherine McAuley and Edmund Rice.

We believe in the inherent dignity of the individual. We provide holistic education attending to spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional development through the nurturing of each student’s abilities, gifts and talents. We promote a culture of respect reflected in harmonious relationships and open communication. As a multicultural community, we value diversity, believing that all should be accepted and celebrated.


Our Practice

As a community beloved of God, we celebrate life in prayer, song and Sacrament. We build our community by providing a welcoming, supportive and safe environment where we work in partnership with families and communities. When conflict occurs, we work with students to find solutions which repair harm and restore relationships.

Our student-focussed approach leads to the shaping of teaching, learning and assessment programs that meet individual needs, providing opportunities for success and individual excellence. We affirm and award students for diligence, progress and achievement through academic, cultural and sporting programs. A collegial and professional approach guides teachers in the implementation of policies and procedures which facilitate student learning.

Our hope is that students leave us as educated, resilient, responsible and compassionate people. Having been part of the Aranmore community, students have engaged in Christian service, leadership, mentoring and community activities. Formed by this Aranmore tradition, our students are prepared for life beyond school.

The School Crest

Aranmore’s distinctive crest incorporates the spirit and history of the College, joining the school of the Sisters of Mercy with that of the Christian Brothers. At the centre of the A is a triangle representing God as Trinity, the three divine persons who are one God of Love. In the centre of the triangle is the Celtic cross, representing Christ as Saviour and taking the school back to its Irish origins. Aranmore continues the commitment of those European migrants who founded and built the school with meagre resources.

The motto of the College is TRUST. It is this ideal that is central to the relationship between parents and child, student and teacher, student and student.

Aranmore embodies three ideals: a deep-seated respect for the past; a strong commitment to those in school at present; and confidence that through learning and trust, God’s love will continue to ennoble, enrich and empower our lives.





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