Aranmore Catholic College is a place of opportunity for all students. We endeavour to cater to students from all backgrounds and abilities. We are an entirely welcoming community and we believe that we are able to provide an all-round education for students. Many opportunities exist within the College, in that, there is a broad curriculum. Students can engage in competitions, extension programs, a sporting life, camps, modern facilities and school-sponsored trips.

The College is guided by the Gospel message of Jesus, and so we have an extensive Christian Service Learning program, where students commit to participating in Community Service activities, through their secondary years. The College also has a gentle and inclusive Religious Education program.

The students at the College proceed to post-school life, having received an all-round and challenging education, which equips them for the next stage of life.

When you entrust your child to us, we take this as a great responsibility. We work with you, the parent, to equip your young person with the skills necessary, to succeed in life.

We have fine young people at the College and we are confident that your young person will thrive in our community.

Declan Tanham

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